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We are certified as 100% natural, which means no added ingredients, no odor enhancers, no pesticides, and other chemical ingredients.  

Our Products

We sell oils, grown and distilled by B-Oils and local farmers.

Our policy is to provide a wide range of the highest quality essential oils that can be produced in Bosnia for an increasingly sensitive market, especially in aromatherapy and cosmetics, where provenance and quality assurance are paramount.

We sell oils, grown and distilled by B-Oils and local farmers. B-Oils is able to offer vacuum-distilled oils produced by vacuum steam distillation.

Organic Production

Affordable, high-quality oils for anyone looking for natural, therapeutic and, late products.

A line of essential oils:

Essential Oils are aromatic liquid ingredients extracted from flowers, chamomile and. lemon, pine, fir, spruce berries, wild carrots, etc. They are widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and. perfume industries. Chemical compounds in essential oils are phenols, aldehydes, esters, organic acids, alcohols, lactones, coumarins, furocoumarins.

Hydrolate (flower water) is an aqueous solution saturated with essential oil ingredients. It predominantly dissolves hydrophilic substances so that the hydrolate (flower water) does not contain the same ratios of ingredients as the essential oil. There will be more acids, some alcohol and, aldehydes, while there will be much less turpentine and sesquiterpenes, which are very hydrophobic.

Cold-Pressed Oil line:

B-Oils also offers 100% natural cold-pressed oils from a variety of seeds and nuts.

Cold Pressed Oil is produced by a method known as cold press extraction. The cold oil extraction method is performed with an oilseed press, as are many other oils. However, it is unique because it does not involve additional chemical solvents or heat.


In our offer you can find: rosehip seed oil, rosehip oil, almond oil, walnut oil, hazelnut oil, coconut oil.

The Paste is a by-product of the production of cold-pressed walnut oils. Sediment collected during the deposition of drained oil.

Essential Oils, Hydrolates, Cold-Pressed Oils, and Pastes

Nature to health with 100% PURE NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS.

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