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Flowers and Bottles



About us

We are certified as 100% natural, which means no added ingredients, no odor enhancers, no pesticides, and other chemical ingredients.  

Our Story

B-Oils d.o.o. was founded in 2016

Over the years, we have been able to provide complete equipment for all operations performed on its oils, from “seed to bottle”, thus providing the customer with a finished product at a high level.

Our policy is to provide a wide range of the highest quality essential oils that can be produced in Bosnia for an increasingly sensitive market, especially in aromatherapy and cosmetics, where provenance and quality assurance are paramount.

We sell oils, grown and distilled by B-Oils and local farmers. B-Oils is able to offer vacuum-distilled oils produced by vacuum steam distillation.

Modern Technology

Our essential oils are produced from organically grown plants on our plantations.


We have a production plant for the production and storage of raw materials and finished products, a vacuum distiller with a capacity of 600 kg with a steam boiler Sukom 100P, a line for selecting cold-pressed oil. We also have equipment for drying medicinal plants – 300 kg vacuum dryers and “classic” 400 kg dryers. The production of seedlings takes place in part in a greenhouse of 100 m2.

Vacuum drying line

Dehydration at low temperatures allows the evaporation of almost all the water contained in the fruit: 1 kg of dehydrated fruit is equivalent to 7 to 12 kilograms of fresh fruit. Without added colors, flavors or preservatives, our fruit is a 100% natural, functional and healthy ingredient. The original taste and smell of the fruit have been preserved. We offer affordable and high-quality oils for all who are looking for natural, therapeutic, and late products.


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